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Meet the Photographer

HI! My name is Christina! I am 32 and a mommy of 2 beautiful kiddos that are my constant inspiration. I am a photog, a humor addict, an avid shower singer, chocolate eater and wine-o! I am kind of a huge dork and proud of it! I LOVE to laugh and sometimes do at the wrong moments. I am sarcastic, emotional, funny, quirky, loyal, random, honest, stubborn and a hopeless romantic. I am obsessed with love and anything emotional. After the birth of my daughter, Juliana, I became the typical "paparazzi mom" we all become after we have our first child. It was then I realized my true passion for capturing beautiful moments of life and love to last forever! I realized how much each photo meant to me and how I wanted to be a part of capturing those precious moments for others. Sure, you could go to a typical studio in a mall and get your pictures done, but they never seem to capture the actual sillyness and beauty that is our children or the real love between two people. That is what I achieve to do. I want to capture YOUR moment, whatever it may be and allow you to look back at not only a beautiful image, but a lasting memory that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. I want you to look back upon an engagement photo I have taken and literally be able to feel the love you have for each other in that photo. That is what I strive to do.

My favorite quote that inspires me is:

"life is not measured by the breaths we take but

by the moments that take your breath away……"

Thank you for taking the time to browse around my site and feel free to contact me for scheduling and any questions you might have.


Can I capture a moment for you?



~ Christina